Don’t Give Up, Don’t Stand Down, Don’t Sit Still

It feels like the meta narrative of our times has become extreme in every sense of the word:  the news is noisier and more biased than ever, the economy is schizophrenic in its tendency to favor the dynamic that the wealthy become wealthier and the poor become poorer, the political landscape resembles a vast collection of oligarchies- every branch of every government is in the game to conserve power rather than to perform the functions of their respective roles. 

The market panders to the standard of the greatest possible margin between cost to create products and cost to consumers to…consume them.  Disruption has become a very helpful dynamic.  Everyone is less sure of their job, their close connections, their country’s stability economically, morally and politically.  Disruption serves to displace things that are entrenched and that don’t function well.  Politicians can be voted out of office.  Businesses can be outmaneuvered in the marketplace through a variety of factors ranging from innovation to technology causing obsolescence. 

Against this landscape, it’s necessary to hunker down.  As companies, employees, individuals, families and nations ride out the felt experience of stormy and uncertain times, we need to create spaces, rituals and places that connect us to feelings of peace, rest and security.  That’s essential to our wellbeing.  The problem for many of us is that we’re hunkering down dysfunctionally.  On the whole, we’re drinking more, drugging more, eating more and worrying more Post-Onset of Covid-19.  Again, on the whole, we’re also arguing more, displaying depression more, hitting more and hurting more.    

Each of us as individuals has a set of routines composed of elements that occur regularly.  It’s just that now we’re unfortunately more accustomed to things that don’t work as well.  Have you found yourself doing things that were on the “once in awhile” list more frequently?  Eating a little more dessert, having that second or third glass of wine or beer, checking out on the people that you do life with and checking in on drugging, gambling, porn or violence? It’s understandable that we feel a little out of our element and out of our norm.  Insecurity comes from a felt sense of lessened control and fewer options.  People have lost connections, employment, family members, financial security, friendships, health and housing due to the impacts of Covid-19.  We feel out of control in terms of our ability to function and in terms of our ability to overcome all of the obstacles in our paths right now.  (Well, some of us do…)

There is a need for a reboot.  Whenever chaos comes in, whether it’s in the form of market or political disruptions or life events such as job loss or health issues- whatever the problem IS- we come to a place where we have to deal with it by doing more than just becoming acclimated.  We have to resolve it.  And the work of doing that starts within us.  No more autopilot, all the time.  No more just coping.  It’s time to surmount the difficulties and define our own outcomes.

We’re going to disrupt the inner economy and remake the inner landscape of our own mindset and the actions that follow on through the medium of conscious engagement.  Let’s first assess what kind of shape we’re in.  Too much weight?  Too little money?  Too many worries?  Too few solutions?  Too many distractions that lead to destruction?  Too few disciplines that lead to success?  Okay… check and check (and check and check….).  Tot up your own list.  See where you’re at.  Take the time to mark your current context.  Memorialize the people, places and processes that are gone from your life wherever the loss was against your volition or will.  Mourn it.  It doesn’t have to be either a short and sweet moment or a long drawn out season.  Whatever is appropriate for your context and personal sensibilities. 

Now- let’s see where we can get a handle (or a lever, as old Archimedes said) on our own lives and potential.  The habit of assessing your habits is first.  Understand that whether it’s acknowledged or not, we move from intention to execution to habit to pattern.  We do that for the good stuff and the bad stuff.  Anyone struggling with an “ism” knows that.  Whatever we are up to has a tendency to enhance its footprint.  There are two ways to wrestle with “ism” beasts, well- three…  You can expend your energy on moderating them.  “I’ll just have one glass of wine…  or two…”.  You can eliminate them.  “No cake for me.”  Or- you can resolve the underlying issue that creates the pull towards them.  That’s it.  And generally- combining “eliminate” with “resolve” is at least a good intermediate step.  You can revisit whether to reincorporate some things later.  Some things you KNOW you will be best served by avoiding. 

So- now- while everything is still in an upheaval and nobody has as powerful of a handle on peace, prosperity or the perfect life as could be wished- start your one-two-three habit.  Because chaos has a tendency to spread.  But organization does too.  Dysfunction unravels working systems (and truthfully there is a pattern of disruption and displacement in the times and seasons of our lives that just a part of the working out of our stories).  But functionality and organization are also contagious.  They’re the foundation of every working system that there is. 

From intention to execution to habit to pattern.  (Okay, it’s a one-two-three on repeat.)  Draw the lines of your life.  Perfect your craft of living.  It will pay real dividends in terms of your health markers and your personal and professional success.  If you’re ready to embark on the next phase of your journey and wring success out of 2020 by any means necessary, one of our compassionate coaches can help to hold space for you while you design the habits that will get you to the next destination in your life.  Call us, we’re here to help.   

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