Orange Cat

Orange cat ran into my room.
She said “I’ll take my old straw broom-“.
“I’ll sweep the stars down from the Sky.”
“And put them in a jar close by.”

“You cannot reach the stars” said I.
“A broom can’t sweep them from the Sky”.
“They will not fit into a jar.”
“They are too big and hot, by far!”

“Then I will catch them in a net!”
“And place them in the Sea, so wet!”
Orange Cat stood on each soft paw,
flexing every single claw.

“You cannot place them in the Sea.”
“Nor empty jar, nor cup of tea…”
“Stars belong in outer space.”
“Where planets run in rings and race…”

“Comets zip-zoom around for years.”
“Asteroids and other spheres,
“Travel far in paths called orbits.”
“All shapes, sizes and all courses…”

Orange cat said “it’s time to eat!”
“Stars for me would be a treat!”
“You cannot eat stars from the sky.”
“You cannot catch them as they pass by.”

“I’ll sweep them all into a net!”
“I’ll dunk them in the Sea, so wet.”
“My old straw broom is very strong.”
“With bristles that are very long.”

“The Sea will cool the stars for me.”
“I’ll eat them with a cup of tea.”
“No one can tell me not to try.”
“To get those stars down from the sky.”

“The taste of them will be so sweet.”
“I’ll dry them on my old white sheet.”
“I’ll salt them with a little shake.”
“And what a lovely snack they’ll make.”

Orange cat ran out of the house.
Grabbed her friend, the Old Gray Mouse,
And climbed up high towards the sun.
On an old ladder, “Oh, what fun!”

“I cannot wait to gather stars!”
“I’ll catch them all in my glass jars.”
I knew that Orange Cat would fail.
She’d become mad, and swish her tail.

The stars would not fall from the sky.
She could not sweep them, nor could I.
Old Gray Mouse tried hard to help.
But he fell down, and gave a yelp.

“We must try another way.”
I heard my friend, the Orange Cat say.
“A rocket ship is what we need!”
“To lift us up and give us speed!”

“Then the stars will not escape.”
“And I can eat those YUMMY shapes!”
Orange Cat ran into the shed.
She grabbed her tools, and off she sped.

She built all through the afternoon.
“My space ship will be finished, soon!”
At four o’clock, she stopped for tea.
And drew a map of Land and Sea.

She grabbed her net and Old Gray Mouse.
And got into her Space Ship House.
It looked just like an old tin can.
It was time to execute her plan.

She pushed a button, round and red.
Then off to outer space she sped!
The flames were bright behind her ship.
She was off on her star catching trip!

Old Gray Mouse was SO excited,
to see the engines all ignited!
He took a look at all the stars.
The rocket soon cleared planet Mars.

Orange Cat began to count.
Soon she reached a Large amount!
The stars in space were big and hot.
They never stayed in just one spot.

The planets ran around each star.
Some paths were close, and some were far.
Comets also flew past the ship.
The computers all said “bleep” and “blip”!

Soon the system gave its report.
“No stars will fit the net, abort!”
“You cannot go deep space star fishing!”
“No matter how hard you keep wishing.”

“Meow!”, Orange Cat said to the ship.
“This plan was wrong, a wasted trip!”
“I must consider another way.”
“To snack before the end of day.”

Old Gray Mouse was silent, still.
He thought and thought and thought… UNTIL!
“Why don’t we make a tasty treat?”
“Something salty and something sweet?”

Orange Cat sniffed and gave a sigh.
“We had fun flying up so high!”
“We built a rocket, away we flew.”
“We learned some things we never knew!”

“Stars are big, and hot and far away!”
“We’ll come back again another day!”
With that, the two friends turned around.
And flew their space ship to the ground.

Orange Cat put away her ship.
She was home from her Star Catching Trip.
Old Gray Mouse then asked his question:
“What, dear friend, is your suggestion?”

“We should have a snack with tea, quite late.”
“Perhaps out back, by the garden gate…”
Orange Cat put on a tall Chef’s Hat.
She grabbed an apron, knife and mat.

She cut and diced. She mixed and stirred.
Ovens heated and machines all whirred.
Soon enough, she set the timer.
She fixed a metal tray and liner.

She placed some dough upon the tray.
Each one was shaped a certain way.
Old Gray Mouse set up the table.
He was fast, neat and very able.

Orange Cat served the treats she made.
The last rays of the sun did fade.
Old Gray Mouse bit into his treat.
Star shaped, salty and also sweet.

                      The End

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