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Let’s work together to build a better Today and a joyous, secure Tomorrow.

Coach Stacey

Have you ever been so gripped by the circumstances that you find yourself in that you don’t see a way forward? In 2009, Everything I had went to my family and my clients, but it wasn’t sustainable. I was caring for my mom, who was in and out of hospice with end stage cancer that had metastasized. I was also caring for a senior client with exceptional needs and I spent so much time in the hospital system in Houston that they gave me the employee discount for purchases!

Eighty and ninety hour weeks were part of the job. Mom’s illness was another crisis to add to the mix. Her illness was terminal and coming to grips with decisions about her treatment, overall needs and daily supports was a challenge. Other family members have told me that I wasn’t very “nice” in those days. I was constantly on high alert, worried that the ball would get dropped. It did get dropped on occasion. Sure enough, I was not very “nice” about it.

In 2010 I received a gift in the form of access to a coaching and spiritual formation process called Faithwalking. and I began to unpack some areas of my life. I received additional learning through leadership development, volunteer coaching and learning groups. Coaching was an amazing process to experience.

Guilt? Shame? Confusion? Fatigue? Nothing was immune to the power of a coaching conversation. Light began to pour into areas of my being that I hadn’t known were hurting. The process of developing a deeper wisdom and a more practical compassion began.

It was even more amazing to facilitate the process for clients and watch their transformation. Training through iPEC was like meeting up with an old and dear friend. Here were the tools that I had been using for years being presented and mastered by diverse cohorts all over the world. Each of us would take these skills back to serve our particular clients. Each coach has a specific population that is best served by their combination of coaching skills, professional background and life experience.

If you are a parent of a special needs adult or a professional serving in a helping role and you’d like to reconnect with the healthy, happy and actualized version of yourself, call me. I can help.

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