Thinking of Packing It In? (Don’t!)

Have you ever been tempted to pack up shop and quit?  You know how it goes.  Your client calls to cancel at the last minute.  Again.  Oh, there’s a good reason.  That’s not the issue.  It’s just that there are issues that come up frequently when people are working their way through difficulties.  Parents, peersContinue reading “Thinking of Packing It In? (Don’t!)”

Bubbles of Being: Perspectives, Prejudice and Possibilities

The world that we live in is divided up into spheres of experience, impact, influence and perspective.  Collectively, these embodied narratives play out in billions of moments that make up our lifetimes.  We often narrate the lives of others as well, supposing that we understand what it means to actually be that other person.  Then,Continue reading “Bubbles of Being: Perspectives, Prejudice and Possibilities”


Last Sunday, I was driving along i-45 in Houston and saw a police car in my rearview mirror. I had a slight startle because the new tags for my car had arrived, but I hadn’t yet attached them to the car because I was missing the bottom two screws on the front plate.  That startleContinue reading “Shadow”

The Power of Persona

Have you ever found yourself embodying some character traits that simply don’t align with your personal values?  Maybe stress has been high and money and time have been in short supply. Or maybe the technological and systems based frustrations of living with COVID-19 and its impacts have complicated some of the task that you doContinue reading “The Power of Persona”

Wearing It Well

I consider that we wear our bodies and daily activities in the same way that we wear clothing: there are distinct elements of fashion, practicality, purpose, and utility in the way that we wear both. Some people devote a great deal of time and energy to their grooming regimen and we’ve all made little jokesContinue reading “Wearing It Well”

Practice Makes Perfect- And Other Lies

Practice Makes Perfect- But What Are You Practicing? Practice Makes Perfect- But What Are You Practicing? I remember an accomplished horsewoman brought me up short one day when I told her that “practice makes perfect” and she replied “no, PERFECT practice makes perfect”.  What an irritating rejoinder!  WHO is perfect?  But, she was right.  WhichContinue reading “Practice Makes Perfect- And Other Lies”

Frozen Baggage

How do you handle the surge of emotion that different situations can bring?  Both positive and negative emotions can become powerful forces that make remaining connected more difficult.  People have difficulties staying connected to their children when they tantrum, to their partners when they are anxious or jealous and to their jobs when the responsibilitiesContinue reading “Frozen Baggage”