Better living through Mindful Refocus is what we are all about! We are here to listen, learn and discern how to live our best lives. Our best lives are made up of the things that we consciously choose, deeply desire and most fulfill us. Body, soul and spirit all operating in optimal alignment? THAT allows us to attain inspired clarity, which makes real progress possible.

You will experience the compassionate support of a Core Energy trained coach who will walk the road ahead with you. Asking good questions along the way is key. Listening deeply to your answers and helping you to remember the wisdom discovered at each step, your coach can help you to see the shifts that you need to make. It’s true, support makes a significant difference in outcomes when it comes to building the life you want. You deserve to live your best life! If you would like to experience a powerful conversation with one of our coaches, reach out for your free initial consultation!

Regain Focus: Individual

Need to see the way ahead clearly? A personal coach can help you to Refocus! In each session, you’ll set intentions and target specific steps that will move you forward. You and your coach will partner to craft a clear, personalized action plan tailored to the way that makes sense for YOU!

Transition Coach: Individual, Small Group or Teams

Need to manage the changes ahead? Let’s face it, not everyone welcomes new challenges. Yet the need for individuals and organizations to confidently and successfully navigate them has never been greater. Coaching provides support when you are in that liminal space. The rules are about to be different. The old ways of doing things aren’t going to work. Mindful collaboration with a coach can open the way to new perspectives.

Discover your Higher Coach in a space that lets you engage with the Bigger Picture: Individual or small group.

Each of us holds within us a way of being that shapes our attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and values. It shapes the way that we move through the world. Connecting more deeply to your body, soul and spirit can help you to see everything more clearly. It’s far more likely that you’ll honor your own values if you are intentional about knowing the whole of who you are.

Coach Q & A: “How would you support a client whose biggest pain is that she has no family?” Acknowledge her distress. Listen until she and you can both hear what she is saying. Don’t judge. Don’t jam some other perspective on top of her felt experience. Let her sit with it. You sit with her. The emotional sediment will settle out of the waters and what remains will be her clarity and inner wisdom working.

“I just signed my separation papers; I’m so sad! What do you suggest to overcome the moment?” Feel the feels. It’s the fastest, surest and most authentic way THROUGH them and out to the other side. Don’t judge yourself. Just notice what’s happening. Sit with it. It will recede. A little at a time and you’ll be on solid ground again soon.

“My child with ASD is resistant to swimming lessons. I’m trying to convince him, but it’s not working!” I wouldn’t insist. If you override his agency here, it could cause difficulties elsewhere. Teach what he is willing to accept and leave the rest for another time or season. Water is a BIG deal for many on the spectrum.

“I just started a new relationship and met the kids last night. Both the four and six year olds have autism. The six year old didn’t welcome my presence. What can I do?” Be yourself. That’s it. Give it time. Don’t try. Don’t worry. Don’t control. Just “people” the way that you would with anyone else and watch for opportunities to connect.

“How do I stop repetitive thoughts from a mistake in the past?” Trying NOT to do anything is a waste of energy. Choose your replacement script or story and go there. Also, if it’s a shame space and you’re triggered, being very gentle with yourself, trusting yourself and sitting with these feelings without judging them should yield insight, grace and eventually, release. Used as a “one, TWO…” approach, it should allow you to transition form being locked into that script and the resultant frustration.

Let’s build your BEST LIFE together!

While there is still time to build the life you’ve been dreaming of!

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