Wearing It Well

I consider that we wear our bodies and daily activities in the same way that we wear clothing: there are distinct elements of fashion, practicality, purpose, and utility in the way that we wear both. Some people devote a great deal of time and energy to their grooming regimen and we’ve all made little jokesContinue reading “Wearing It Well”

It’s IN There!

Have you ever heard of the phrase: “it’s in there…”?  Prego brand spaghetti sauce famously used it to promote the idea that their jar of red sauce had all of the good ingredients, methodology and spices of a homemade brand.  In the whackadoodle model of advertisements as the social proof of that era, someone representingContinue reading “It’s IN There!”

Frozen Baggage

How do you handle the surge of emotion that different situations can bring?  Both positive and negative emotions can become powerful forces that make remaining connected more difficult.  People have difficulties staying connected to their children when they tantrum, to their partners when they are anxious or jealous and to their jobs when the responsibilitiesContinue reading “Frozen Baggage”

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Stand Down, Don’t Sit Still

It feels like the meta narrative of our times has become extreme in every sense of the word:  the news is noisier and more biased than ever, the economy is schizophrenic in its tendency to favor the dynamic that the wealthy become wealthier and the poor become poorer, the political landscape resembles a vast collectionContinue reading “Don’t Give Up, Don’t Stand Down, Don’t Sit Still”

The Fix

My garbage disposal is dying. It shouldn’t be. It’s less than three years old and I’m very nice to it. I’m having difficulty discerning exactly what is wrong with it. Nothing has gotten stuck under the blades. Nothing has appeared that would explain why it sounds more like a device tasked with chewing up metalContinue reading “The Fix”