Bubbles of Being: Perspectives, Prejudice and Possibilities

The world that we live in is divided up into spheres of experience, impact, influence and perspective.  Collectively, these embodied narratives play out in billions of moments that make up our lifetimes.  We often narrate the lives of others as well, supposing that we understand what it means to actually be that other person.  Then,Continue reading “Bubbles of Being: Perspectives, Prejudice and Possibilities”

It’s IN There!

Have you ever heard of the phrase: “it’s in there…”?  Prego brand spaghetti sauce famously used it to promote the idea that their jar of red sauce had all of the good ingredients, methodology and spices of a homemade brand.  In the whackadoodle model of advertisements as the social proof of that era, someone representingContinue reading “It’s IN There!”